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Remote VO Capture Using Source – Connect

Now an industry standard, Source-Connect is an ISDN alternative that enables all of the above benefits without any of the above pitfalls, as it is a reasonably priced, monthly subscription software. It allows its users to bridge into any ISDN line, making the need for an actual ISDN line obsolete. It also boasts audio quality on par with that of… Read more →

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Director of Photography

This guide for cinematographers will teach you all the basics of cinematography while linking you to tons of other great resources for more in-depth coverage. Cinematography is an all-encompassing branch of filmmaking. It can be incredibly complex and confusing for beginners, which is why we have created this manual to help you tackle all things related to shooting a motion picture. Cinematography… Read more →

6 reasons you should upgrade your lens, not your camera

  Should I upgrade my camera body or buy a better lens instead? It’s a classic question photographers ask themselves – or, more likely, post on a photography forum. In the days of film cameras, the answer was more clear-cut: choose a new lens over a new camera. After all, the camera was essentially a box designed to hold a… Read more →

Top 7 Tips for Mixing Sound

The Finnish Know How to Finish Jori Hulkkonen is a renowned Finnish producer and musician. Whether making music under his own name, as a member of Sin Cos Tan or as the director of The Acid Symphonic Orchestra, he’s always creating. We were lucky enough to get his top tips for finishing tracks. Jori directing the ASO, which boasts ten Roland… Read more →

Getting around on the job

Many types of transportation methods are used in the filming process. From Cranes and ladders to ATV’s and the myriad of trucks needed to move the equipment cast and crew from location to location. Some can be fun and others tend to be a little dangerous at times. On the Shoot for ‘Ventures in Wine Country’ getting around the vineyard… Read more →

High Tech Movie Locations

Spider Technologies in Kelowna BC was one of the highest tech locations we found in the Okanagan for a specific scene in ‘A Wife’s Nightmare’ Production by Vic Sarin. The entire movie was shot in the Okanagan last year. Visionomics was bought in to provide top notch playback services for the film. Spider creates pre-manufactured modular and conventional power solutions.… Read more →