6 reasons you should upgrade your lens, not your camera


  Should I upgrade my camera body or buy a better lens instead? It’s a classic question photographers ask themselves – or, more likely, post on a photography forum. In the days of film cameras, the answer was more clear-cut: … Continue reading

10 Zero Budget Filmmaking Tips


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Valentines Day 2005 was a key date in the history of the movie business. It was the day that Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim registered the name youtube.com. The movie business, and especially film distribution, has not been … Continue reading

Just How Expensive Are Real DSLR Cinema Lenses?


We’ve rounded up some of the most widely used real cinema lenses utilized on big-budget films. Let’s explore the high cost of high-end lenses. Top Image from RedUser. There’s just something about the look and feel of a studio-backed film. … Continue reading

5 Reasons for Using a Color Grading Control Surface


A control surface is an essential piece of gear for professional color correction. Here are five good reasons why. Though this is no secret to seasoned professionals, many aspiring colorists don’t realize the inherent value that a color grading control … Continue reading

Exceptional DSLR Camera Equipment


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These days There are many solutions to getting the right picture or video shots. Here are some images of the new era of DSLR camera equipment available to us, the consumer of the new DSLR age. Images courtesy of DSLR … Continue reading

Cold Weather Photography Tips. How to Defrost and Save a Frozen Camera


Cold Weather Photography Nikon 55mm E non-AI, FotoPro C5i Tripod 1/10 sec @ f/16 & ISO 100 SLR Lounge Preset SystemTokina 11-16mm f/2.8, FotoPro C5C Tripod 1/60 sec @ f/10 & ISO 100 SLR Lounge Preset SystemUh oh, Matt froze all … Continue reading

15 Videos That Prove Drone Piloting Isn’t Easy


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Feel bad about your drone piloting skills? Here are 15 videos to help you feel better. One of the best things about drones becoming more popular every day? More videos of drones crashing. Despite the fact that UAVs are continuing to … Continue reading

Filmmaking Tips: Lighting With LED Panels


Thanks to their ease of use, LED panels are becoming more popular than ever. Make sure you’re using them effectively by following these filmmaking tips. I have mixed feelings about shooting with LED panels. On one hand, they are extremely convenient, … Continue reading