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Drones ! Which one is Right For You

Looking to buy a drone? Don’t know where to start? If you’re looking for the Best drones for sale, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will hopefully take you through all of the best ready-to-fly drones for sale. It should also give you a reason to pick one over the other. There are a lot of spam websites nowadays, some… Read more →

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Drone Footage More Cinematic

There’s more that goes into capturing cinematic drone footage than just buying the right aircraft. Let’s take a look at some aerial cinematography tips. Top image from Shutterstock There’s no denying that beautiful drone footage can add a tremendous amount of production value to your film project. After all, up until just a few years ago, aerial cinematography was reserved… Read more →

15 Videos That Prove Drone Piloting Isn’t Easy

Feel bad about your drone piloting skills? Here are 15 videos to help you feel better. One of the best things about drones becoming more popular every day? More videos of drones crashing. Despite the fact that UAVs are continuing to become more advanced, there’s always something that can go wrong when flying them. Between dead batteries and wild animals, it… Read more →