4 Easy Ways to Make Your Drone Footage More Cinematic


There’s more that goes into capturing cinematic drone footage than just buying the right aircraft. Let’s take a look at some aerial cinematography tips. Top image from Shutterstock There’s no denying that beautiful drone footage can add a tremendous amount … Continue reading

Exceptional DSLR Camera Equipment


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These days There are many solutions to getting the right picture or video shots. Here are some images of the new era of DSLR camera equipment available to us, the consumer of the new DSLR age. Images courtesy of DSLR … Continue reading

15 Videos That Prove Drone Piloting Isn’t Easy


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Feel bad about your drone piloting skills? Here are 15 videos to help you feel better. One of the best things about drones becoming more popular every day? More videos of drones crashing. Despite the fact that UAVs are continuing to … Continue reading