Filming Out Of The Darkness

This last February a talented band of rogue filmmakers set out to create a movie unlike many others. Exploring the path from Dark to Light. Out of the Darkness is the labor of Love for first time Director Shri Ananda and DOP Travis Cross. Together they carefully chose the team that would bring the award winning script to life. “With some very talented people we created the film we wanted to portray.” A monumental theme of moving from the Darkness to the light. The Effects team from Allegiance Studios did an amazing job of creating the illusion of a visually pleasing ‘Out-Of-Body-Experience’.

The plot follows the life of Mia (Shannon Wilson) as she explores the real meaning of life for her and decides to distance herself from the corporate world of greed and move towards a more spiritual plane of existence.

Here are some Behind the Scene Photos taken by the crew and Glen Eldstrom Photography.

On the Dock -3 Troy at the Camera On the Docks -2 Travis & Troy on Floor_1 Out of the Darkeness Behind the Scenes - Pat Alguire - Facebook -1 Out of the Darkeness Behind the Scenes - Evan & Pat - Facebook -1 Mr Pemberton - Facebook -1 Shannon Johnston - Facebook -1 Out OF The Darkness Candid Shot of Cast & Crew - Facebook -1 Out of the Darkness - Group Photo - Facebook -2


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