High Tech Movie Locations

Spider Technologies in Kelowna BC was one of the highest tech locations we found in the Okanagan for a specific scene in ‘A Wife’s Nightmare’ Production by Vic Sarin. The entire movie was shot in the Okanagan last year. Visionomics was bought in to provide top notch playback services for the film.

Spider creates pre-manufactured modular and conventional power solutions. They are scalable to your needs and flexible for changing business strategies. Spider’s plug & play modular solutions bring you an important environmentally sustainable solution for your real estate’s wiring while being suitable for any office power requirement. Spider is part of DIRTT Environmental Solutions.

Spider Agile Tech

The entire family of DIRTT companies creates sustainable, agile and unique interiors.

The Spider Recessed Wall Series can be found in offices all over North America. The sleek modular design means all devices line up perfectly and exposed screws are eliminated. There is even a blank plate for future growth. Finally, the finishing trim ring gives the whole enclosure the perfect fit and finish.

The engineering offers the option of having power and data communications in the same enclosure A movable voltage barrier means it can be fitted out with combinations of data, voice, fiber optics, fax, audio, video or power outlets.

Cost savings are found because instead of installing two or three conventional boxes you get the job done with a single box.

The Series is available in single, two, four and six-gang configurations.